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We will not be infected! How the coronavirus influences our strategy

Due to current events we would like to disclose our strategies, tips and expectations in connection with our investments and the coronavirus.
Robo Advisor

Artificial intelligence in asset management

The financial industry has been experimenting with AI for some time now, but can CPUs make better investment decisions than humans?

The underestimated risks of ETFs and passive investing

Anyone thinking about investing money today will sooner or later come into contact with Exchange Traded Funds.

The unfounded fear of price fluctuations

The fear is innate to all people and therefore a constant companion. Originally it served to protect people from danger.

What happened in March ’19?

The first quarter of 2019 is already over again and the worries from quarter 4 of 2018 seem to have long been forgotten. What else happened in march?
Langfristige Investitionen

Good is not good enough for us

Wouldn't you lose your belief in success if, after five years of negative performance, you were told that things would get better?

What makes the rich get richer and richer

Half of the world's wealth is held by millionaires, most of them are located in the US, followed by China, Japan, the UK and Switzerland.
Finanzielle Repression

The underestimated danger of financial repression

In troubled times, investors are looking for security for their assets. But what does "security" mean?

The snow falls quietly, the markets crash loudly?

Is there still a year-end rally? Find out why we don't care and why you shouldn't care about it either,

How you make sure YOU win in the investment – not the bank

Wealthy clients often believe banks to be the best contact for their investments, but investors should rethink their approach.
Zeitung Börsenkurse

The superiority of the stock investment

In the long run, returns on equities outperform the returns on all forms of investmens such as bonds or real estate by far.

Digital Asset Management vs. Robo-Advisor

What is behind these terms, what is the difference? Is this trend a paradigm shift or does it remain a niche existence?

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