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Do you lack the time to take care of your business assets? We offer you an uncomplicated and convenient solution to get more out of it!

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Our goal is to outperform the market.

Your portfolio opening as well as the ongoing viewing of your portfolio takes place digitally.

As experienced value investors, we have been achieving outstanding results for years.

Investment decisions are made by our experts, not by algorithms.

Your assets are invested in stocks and bonds of outstanding companies.

Liechtenstein is considered one of the most sought-after financial locations in the world.

Invest assets in three steps

The way to a company custody account with Estably is as simple as can be. Thanks a modern technology, you can open a custody account from anywhere and at any time, all you need is a stable internet connection, a webcam and a few documents.

1. Register with Estably

Click on „Become a customer“ to start the registration process.

Then answer a few questions about your company and identify yourself via webcam.


2. Submit documents

  • Current extract from the commercial register (not older than 6 months),
  • LEI and TIN (tax identification number) of your company, as well as the
  • Shareholders’ agreement or a document showing that you are the beneficial owner.

3. Transfer money

In the last step, you transfer the desired investment amount to your reference account so that it can be managed by us.

The minimum investment amount is €100,000.


Do you have questions about the registration process?

Estably Siegel

Your advantages with Estably

With a variety of strategies, we enable you to increase and protect your assets over the long term.

With a custody account in Liechtenstein, you benefit from the numerous advantages that the financial centre has to offer.

Your securities account is opened online and can be opened conveniently from anywhere. You do not require any prior knowledge!

You keep an eye on the development of your assets at all times.

Frequently asked questions

From a minimum investment of €100,000, you can choose between Baader Bank or Liechtensteinische Landesbank.

Company deposits are possible for GmbH, OG, GmbH & Co. KG, UG are possible. For other business forms, we will be happy to clarify in advance with our partner banks whether a securities account can be opened.

To open a custody account we require:

  • A current extract from the commercial register (not older than 6 months),
  • The LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier),
  • The TIN number (Tax Identification Number) of your company,
  • The shareholder agreement or a document showing that you are the beneficial owner.

The costs for company custody accounts are the same as for our conventional custody accounts – there are no additional fees.

More detailed information is available on the respective strategy pages:

The current performance figures are available on the respective strategy page:

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