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Securities account at Interactive Brokers (IBKR) with Estably

Professional online brokerage for active traders

Professional online brokerage for active traders

Your Interactive Brokers securities account with the versatile offer

Estably Top Online Broker Spezialanbieter für aktive Trader - Euro am Sonntag Siegel

When it comes to taking your wealth creation into your own hands, it’s important to have a trusted online broker on your side.

A first-class service provider like Estably will assist you with customized training, individual support, a wide range of products and attractive conditions. In doing so, Estably arranges a first-class securities account for you with the renowned provider Interactive Brokers, which offers you everything you need for your wealth creation.

What awaits you

What awaits you

150 stock exchanges, over 1.2 million financial products

Whether you are a private or institutional investor, benefit from a secure and fast infrastructure with smart routing for global trading in futures, options, CFDs, foreign exchange and precious metals.

Trading options - uncomplicated and efficient

We provide a deep understanding of options trading, introduce you to successful strategies and help you implement them - e.g. with the help of ComboTrader.

Direct trading: ECN brokerage, no dealing desk

An ECN online broker establishes a direct contact between you and the liquidity providers. ECN brokerage allows traders to trade directly on the electronic communication network, offering fast execution speeds, high liquidity and transparent prices. And because there is no dealing desk in between, your orders are executed much faster than with many other online brokers.

Futures trading with Trader WorkStation 4.0

This makes futures trading fun: Low costs and an intuitive, user-friendly trading platform. IBKR's award-winning Trader WorkStation 4.0 is the ideal tool for the ambitious trader.

Access to Eurex trading via the online broker

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by trading on Eurex (European Exchange), one of the largest futures exchanges in the world! Here, countless traders conclude contracts with options and futures every day.

Act strategically

Get access to more than 60 order types - optimal conditions for formulating and following your strategy! And with support from the Combo Selection tool, creating a suitable combination order is no problem either.

Our services

You trade with your IBKR securities account and we are available to answer all your questions with our expertise. 

Open account at IBKR now.

If you want to trade on the markets yourself, the securities account at IBKR is the right choice for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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