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3.40% Overnight interest rates at Europe's safest financial center

Interest rate of call money in EUR before costs; the opening of a call or time deposit account is based on an asset management contract.

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Principality of Liechtenstein

Overnight and fixed-term deposit accounts in the debt-free AAA state

The unique framework conditions of Liechtenstein as a financial center offer your assets a particularly high level of protection

AAA rating without sovereign debt

Liechtenstein is one of the very few countries in the world that has a AAA rating and is not indebted.

Extremely stable framework conditions

Stable in both political and legal terms due to the unique form of government (constitutional hereditary monarchy).

Heavily regulated
financial centre

The Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority ensures client protection, stability and the prevention of abuses.

EEA benefits without EU membership

Liechtenstein can benefit from the advantages of the EU without having to bear the liability disadvantages of the ESM ("bailout fund").

LLB (Liechtenstein Landesbank)

Security with one of the best banks in the world

Your money is invested by us under an asset management contract with the long-established LLB. With over 160 years of experience, LLB is considered the most conservative bank in Liechtenstein.

With a deposit rating of Aa2, the LLB is well above the average for European financial institutions and is thus in the top league of the best banks worldwide.



The current overnight and fixed deposit interest rates

Daily: 3.15%

1-month: 3.02%

3-months: 3.11%

6-months: 3.09%

12 months: 2.97%

Daily: 0.90%

1-month: 0.80%

3-months: 0.75%

6-months: 0.65%

12-months: 0.72%

Daily: 4.70%

1-month: 4.73%

3-months: 4.77%

6-months: 4.71%

12-months: 4.47%

Daily: 3.81%

1-month: 3.78%

3-months: 3.80%

6-months: 3.81%

12-months: 3.86%

Daily: 4.05%

1-month: 4.04%

3-months: 3.97%

6-months: 3.83%

12 months: 3.68%

Daily: 3.95%

1-month: 3.94%

3-months: 3.94%

6-months: 3.94%

12-months: 3.80%


Key data

Call money and Fixed deposit accounts

Costs p.a.

0.75% Service fee + 0.24% Bank charges

The choice of the above interest rate does not guarantee the interest rate you will receive from the time of investment. The interest rate is based on a market interest rate environment. The overnight deposit is continuously adjusted to the interest rate environment in line with the market. Upon expiration of a time deposit, it will be automatically renewed for you at the market interest rate environment unless you cancel it three days prior to expiration.

Without hidden conditions

Even more attractive conditions for higher investments

While other providers lure customers with supposedly higher interest rates, these are often limited to a certain term and/or a certain investment amount (e.g. 3% for 6 months up to a maximum of €50,000, but after 6 months the interest rate drops to 0.6%).

For overnight and fixed-term deposits with Estably and the LLB as part of an asset management agreement, the respective interest rate applies to the entire investment amount, which has no upper limit.

Staggered costs

  • From €250,000:
    0.65% service fee + 0.24% bank charges
  • From €500,000:
    0.58% service fees + 0.21% bank charges
  • From €750,000:
    0.48% service fees + 0.21% bank charges
  • From €1,000,000:
    0.41% service fees + 0.18% bank charges
  • From €5,000,000:
    0.31% service fees + 0.18% bank charges

Investment amount unlimited upwards

The interest rate applies to the entire investment amount, which has no upper limit.

Special interest rates from € 1 million

From an investment sum of €1 million, we can offer you even better interest rates on request.

Open account

Your next steps

1. Registration

At the beginning of our registration route, you will go through a short questionnaire.

2. Select conditions

Then select the desired duration and currency of your investment.

3. Identification

Your identity will be verified via video or Auto-Ident. Please have a valid photo ID ready.

4. Transfer money

Finally, transfer the desired investment amount to your LLB account.


Frequently asked questions

Above-average security.

As one of only a few debt-free AAA countries worldwide, the Principality of Liechtenstein offers a high degree of security with its stable political and legal framework.

Your custody account is managed by the Liechtensteinische Landesbank – a bank whose own funds are far above the legal requirements.

The country itself is the statutory majority owner of the Landesbank, which offers additional security.

Your deposit is also protected by the deposit guarantee scheme up to an amount of CHF 100,000 (in special cases, for example in the case of assets from the sale of a privately used property, even up to CHF 750,000).

Contact us to find out more about the deposit guarantee.

In principle, any natural or legal person can open an overnight or fixed-term deposit account, provided there is no US tax liability. You will need a valid photo ID, a stable internet connection, and a camera. Persons residing outside Germany also need a certificate of residence and a TIN number.

A call or time deposit account can be opened independently of the rest of the Estably strategies.

No automatic tax deductions are made. You will receive a tax report from the bank for your tax return after the end of the year. Our fees, which also include bank charges, are exempt from VAT for clients outside Switzerland/Liechtenstein.

Provided all the details are correct and there are no queries, your new account with the Liechtensteinische Landesbank will be opened within a few working days. We will be happy to assist you at any time from the very beginning if you have any questions or technical problems.

No. In the case of a call deposit, a deposit or withdrawal is possible within one working day without any further costs. After the expiry of a time deposit, it is automatically extended for you at the interest rate in line with the market, unless you cancel it three days before expiry. Reinvestment with other terms or exchange into another currency and investment is also possible. Simply get in touch with us. We are here for you!

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Call money and time deposits with Estably and the LLB

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