"All-In" Cost Model

Compared to passive investments, the costs are minimally higher at Estably – but if you take into account the better performance we achieve through our active management, we increase your assets more strongly even after deducting the costs. You are free to choose Baader Bank, domiciled in Germany, or the Liechtensteinische Landesbank as your custodian bank, with the unique advantages of the Liechtenstein financial center.

Why Bader Bank?

Baader Bank has the most modern technological infrastructure and is one of the leading investment banks in Germany.
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Why Liechtensteinische Landesbank?

Founded in 1861, LLB shines with an above-average equity ratio and has the Principality of Liechtenstein as its main shareholder.
You do not have the minimum investment amount?  Thanks to our cooperation with Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG, you can start saving for your private pension with our portfolios from as little as €50 per month! Read more

Performance After Costs

Performance After Costs How do we perform against our competition and a benchmark after deducting all costs? The following chart shows the return of our Value 100 strategy after deduction of all costs (all-in fee + performance fee) compared to the offensive strategies of other providers on the German market:
12-months-performance of Robo-advisors on the German market after deduction of costs: The blue bars represent the total costs already deducted (composed of service fees, product costs, and performance fees). The offensive strategies of all providers were used for comparison. Data source: biallo.de. Performance date: July 31, 2021

Performance Fee (High-Water-Mark)

The High Water Mark ensures that we only charge a fee if we take your assets to a new high. You can find more information on this in our High Water Mark explanation video.
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