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What is digital asset­management?

Digital asset management:
Numerous benefits for your financial management

Digital asset management, often called robo-advisor, has become a popular solution for capital investors in recent years.

In this article, we will explain in more detail what digital asset management is and what advantages it offers.

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    What is digital asset management?

    A digital asset management uses state-of-the-art technology to create and manage investment portfolios and offers a cost-effective and easily accessible way to invest in different asset classes.

    The basis of a digital asset management is the asset management contract, which is concluded between the investor and the asset manager. The contract regulates the asset manager’s powers to make decisions on behalf of the client. This can include trading securities, selecting investments and managing the portfolio.

    How does digital asset management work?

    Digital asset management begins by determining your individual risk profile and investment goals. This information is determined by answering a questionnaire that takes into account your financial situation and preferences. Based on this data, a portfolio is created that is tailored to the needs of you as an investor.

    After you have completed the registration process, you digitally sign the asset management contract and transfer the desired assets to a reference account. After the asset manager has invested the money in the strategy you have selected, you can conveniently follow the development of your values on the display of your choice.

    What are the advantages of digital asset management?

    - Cost saving

    A decisive advantage is the lower costs compared to traditional asset managers. Since many processes can be automated thanks to modern technology, fees are usually significantly lower.

    - Expertise

    Taking care of an equity portfolio on your own is not only time-consuming, but also requires the necessary know-how. A digital asset manager takes the work out of looking after your investments yourself.

    - Accessibility

    Digital asset managers are accessible to investors with varying amounts of capital. They offer an affordable option for those who would otherwise struggle to build and manage a portfolio. By incorporating modern technology, you can also start your digital asset management from the comfort of your own home.

    - Continuous monitoring

    The digital asset manager continuously monitors your portfolio and regularly adjusts it to meet your goals and risk appetite. This happens without your active intervention, saving you time, effort and worry.

    - Transparency

    You always keep an eye on the development of your assets and are informed about changes in your portfolio in good time.

    What kind of performance can digital asset management achieve?

    Depending on the investment philosophy and the asset classes chosen, a digital asset management can achieve the same returns as an index (e.g. DAX) or even try to outperform it.

    Most providers rely on ETFs to keep their costs low and achieve returns in line with the market. We, on the other hand, try to achieve even better performance by skillfully selecting individual stocks.

    What role does the custodian bank play?

    The custodian bank is the institution that manages your investment portfolio safely and efficiently. A custodian’s responsibilities include safekeeping your securities, processing transactions, reporting and managing dividends and interest.

    In the world of digital asset management, digital asset managers often work with custodian banks to ensure that your investments are properly held and managed.

    Choosing the right custodian is therefore of great importance as it ensures the safety and efficiency of your investments. As an investor, it is important to be aware of the quality and services offered by the custodian bank as part of your digital asset management.

    The following illustration shows the interaction between custodian bank, client and asset manager:

    Learn more about the benefits of digital asset management!

    We would be happy to inform you even further about the advantages of digital asset management in a free, non-binding consultation.

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    Estably is the first digital asset management company from Liechtenstein to offer first-class wealth management through a mix of technology and human investment expertise. Thanks to the portfolio managers’ many years of experience in the field of value investing, above-average returns are targeted. The aim is to make professional asset management, previously available exclusively to large investors, accessible to everyone – conveniently, transparently and profitably.


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