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Onboarding Process

The registration process is your first step into the world of digital investing with Estably

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In the onboarding process, we guide you step by step to your securities account. Thanks to our digital registration route, you can start asset management with Estably at any time and from anywhere – you don’t need any special prior knowledge!

Onboarding Estably

You will need:

Opening a securities account

Opening a custody account in 3 steps


Determine your investment preferences

In the first part of the application process, we need information about your financial situation and your investment preferences.

Estably Onboarding


Choose strategy

You then have the choice of choosing the strategy we suggest or making your own decision.

Strategiewahl Estably


Verify identity

In a final step, we need to verify your identity. We work together with the company IDnow to do this.

Estably IDNow
Estably Onboarding
Strategiewahl Estably
Estably IDNow

How do you want to pay in?

In the last step, select your desired payment method. The following options are currently available to you:

  • SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (Baader Bank)
  • Bank transfer (Baader Bank & LLB)

Together for the right strategy

Based on a few questions, we will determine your risk rating, on the basis of which we will suggest your optimal strategy. This is only a recommendation on our part – of course, you have the final say. Our strategies differ in the proportion of shares they contain, which influences both your return and possible fluctuations.

best of funds strategie
ITM Estably

Video identification through ITM

In this step, we check the legitimacy of your data. Here we work together with IDnow. An IDnow employee will record your personal data in a video call. Simply have your passport or ID card ready and follow the instructions. Just one more step and you’re done!

How do you want to deposit?

In the last step, you choose your desired deposit method. The following options are currently available to you:

  • SEPA direct debit (Baader Bank)
  • Bank transfer (Baader Bank & LLB)

Keeping an eye on the developments of your portfolio

After opening your custody account, you will receive access to your personal dashboard, where you can view the performance of your investments at any time.

As part of our service, you also receive

  • Regular updates on your companies
  • Information about purchases and sales in your portfolio
  • An annual statement of income for your tax return
  • Of course, you can still contact us personally if you have any questions

Frequently asked questions

As a rule, our customers complete the registration process within 20-30 minutes.

Yes, if you need more time, you can pause the process at any time and resume it at a later date.

It usually takes between 3 and 5 days to open your custody account and account with Baader Bank.

At Liechtensteinische Landesbank, it takes around 14 days after completion of the registration process for your custody account to be opened.

Yes, simply select “Joint depot” at the start of the registration process.

Yes, that is possible. Simply set up a standing order with your bank in favour of your account at Baader Bank or Liechtensteinische Landesbank.

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