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Individual & Flexible

Retirement with maximum assets

Individual & Flexible

Retirement with maximum assets

Estably & Vienna Life

Exclusive pension opportunities in the coveted financial centre of Liechtenstein

Together with Vienna Life Lebensversicherung AG, we offer you individual options for tax-optimised asset investment and succession planning.

Schloss in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

More assets thanks to tax benefits

Under the insurance-based investment solution, you benefit from tax advantages that can increase your return.

Security in the debt-free AAA state

The Principality of Liechtenstein is considered one of the safest places for capital investors in the world.

Flexible design possibilities

There are numerous options available to you to tailor your policy to your own needs as well as those of your descendants, and to adjust it if necessary.

Professional wealth management

Build up your assets over the long term with individual shares, sustainable investments or investment funds.

Use tax advantages

As part of the insurance, you benefit from tax advantages that make your assets grow more strongly.

Security in Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is considered one of the safest places for capital investors in the world.

Design individually

There are numerous options available to you to tailor your policy.

Create a strong performance

Grow your assets with individual shares, sustainable investments or investment funds.

Vienna Life

With approximately 50 insurance companies in 30 countries, Vienna Insurance Group is a group with a long tradition, strong brands and close customer relationships.

High compound interest effect

Tax benefits of the insurance shell maximize your return on investment

You pay no taxes during the investment phase*

No taxes are due on investment income during the savings phase. This increases your assets within the policy and makes the compound interest effect stronger.

You only pay tax on half of the profit**

For withdrawals from a term of twelve years and your 62nd birthday, you benefit from the advantageous half-income procedure, according to which only half of your profit has to be taxed. For earlier withdrawals, the difference is subject to the final withholding tax. All costs related to advice, custody and administration are taken into account for tax purposes.

For customers from Austria:
*A one-time insurance tax of 4% will be charged.
**Tax-free withdrawals possible from a term of ten years.

Modernes Value-Investing

Build wealth with undervalued companies

Our equity-based investment strategy is an excellent way to build up assets over the long term. The Modern Value 60 and Modern Value 100 strategies are available to you for investing with Vienna Life.

Modern Value

Our “Modern Value” strategy is based on hand-picked individual stocks selected according to modern value investing principles.

Modern Value 60:
max. 60% individual shares
max. 40% bonds

Modern Value 100: max. 100% individual shares no bonds

At a glance

Modern Value Strategy

LLB (Liechtenstein Landesbank)

High security with one of the best banks in the world

Your custody account is managed by us at the long-established LLB (Liechtensteinische Landesbank).

With over 160 years of experience and a deposit rating of Aa2, the LLB is well above the average for European financial institutions and is thus in the top league of the best banks worldwide.


Your advantage: No payment ban with Liechtenstein insurance

If an insurance company gets into difficulties in Germany, a “payment ban” can be imposed by law. The insurance company is then temporarily prohibited from making payments. This law does not exist in Liechtenstein.

“Light Foundation

Tailor-made solutions for succession planning

Thanks to individual design options, advantageous solutions can emerge from complex succession situations.

No additional costs

In terms of succession planning, it is easy and cost-free to set up a beneficiary outside of a will or intestate succession.

Accrual to the beneficiaries in the event of death

It is possible that the beneficiaries will only receive the financial means at a later time or event (e.g. coming of age) - in one go or in instalments.

Fine-tuned asset transfer

When transferring assets, the policyholder status can be transferred in 1% steps (e.g. to use gift allowances)


Frequently asked questions

In principle, any natural person or legal entity can start a policy, provided there is no US tax liability.

The initial minimum investment amount is €50,000. Subsequent deposits are possible from €15,000.

Depending on the strategy you choose, your assets will be invested in hand-picked individual stocks and a bond fund (Modern Value 60) or exclusively in hand-picked individual stocks (Modern Value 100).

Your costs depend on the strategy you choose and are made up of asset management and insurance costs.

We would be happy to provide you with more information in a personal meeting or by e-mail.

Taxable income in the case of withdrawals is taxed as part of your income tax return.

Above-average security.

As one of only a few debt-free AAA countries worldwide, the Principality of Liechtenstein offers a high degree of security with its stable political and legal framework.

Your separate custody account for the investment solution is held at the Liechtensteinische Landesbank – a bank whose own funds are far above the legal requirements.

The country itself is the statutory majority owner of the Landesbank, which provides additional security.

Your deposit is also protected by the deposit guarantee up to CHF 100,000.

Complete or partial dissolution or withdrawal is possible after the first year of the term, subject to a notice period of one month to the end of the month.

Estably und LGT

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Retirement provision and succession planning with Estably and Vienna Life


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