Protect assets and save all-in fee

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Until 31.12. without fixed costs

Protect your assets!

Do you want to protect your assets from inflation by investing in qualitative tangible assets? Open a securities account in Europe’s most sought-after financial center and protect your capital under unique conditions?

Our special promotion offers you the opportunity to test our digital asset management without an all-in fee until the end of the year and save on custody and service fees as well as transaction costs!

As a digital asset manager from Liechtenstein specializing in individual stocks, we offer your assets the protection they need:

Shares in high-quality companies are suitable as inflation protection.
In times of negative real interest rates, gold often tends to rise in price.
Liechtenstein is considered one of the most sought-after locations for capital investors.


Asset protection with the "Asset Protect" strategy

Our new strategy focuses on investing in physical gold. Especially in times of negative real interest rates, the precious metal has often tended to rise sharply in the past.

Complementary to gold, you receive foreign currencies in your portfolios to protect your assets against a further depreciation of the euro.

Physical gold at Liechtensteinische Landesbank:

Now from 50.000€

Your deposit outside the EU

As of now, we are offering a securities account opening in the coveted financial center of Liechtenstein for as little as €50,000.

With a securities account at Liechtensteinische Landesbank, you benefit from the numerous advantages of the Principality, which capital investors from all over the world appreciate:

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No all-in fee until the end of the year

  • The all-in fee is waived until 12/31/2022.
  • You only pay a performance-based fee of 10% on the gains if we have been able to grow your assets.
  • There are no commitment or notice periods in combination with the offer.
  • With our Best of Funds strategy, the service fee of 1.2% is waived, and the product costs of 0.8% continue to apply.
  • For existing customers, the offer applies to additional payments of €10,000 or more on the amount of the additional payment.