Invest assets securely with the best companies in the world

With the Blue Chip Portfolio, you are investing in world-class companies and the coveted Swiss financial centre.

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the global economy

With Estably’s blue chip portfolio, you are investing in world-class companies that have dominated their sectors for many years. In addition to their ability to perform excellently, these companies have proven their resilience to crises in the past.
Blue Chip Companies
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The safe harbour
for your assets

Custody account management in the coveted Swiss financial centre offers you an unbeatable level of security and stability.

The solidity of the Swiss banks, the reliability of the legal system and the dependability of the Swiss franc make Switzerland a “safe haven”.

"Blue Chips" stands for companies that stand out due to their financial solidity, proven business models and sustainable growth. Our vision is to create a portfolio that combines these stable variables and offers you as an investor a unique opportunity to benefit from their continuous success story."

Markus Prodinger, Geschäftsführer von Estably
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What do we offer your assets?


With the Blue Chip Portfolio, you give your assets the opportunity for long-term growth. Due to the broad diversification, fluctuations in value are limited.


The Swiss financial centre is considered one of the most attractive locations in the world due to its unique legal and political framework.


A personal advisor is always available to provide you with detailed information about your investments and the capital markets.


Custody accounts are opened digitally – so you can open your blue chip portfolio from anywhere and benefit from the advantages of Switzerland as a financial centre.

Performance since 2016

Long-term growth

Our blue chip portfolio has been carefully put together to promote long-term growth. The proven companies have stood the test of time and are known for their strength and consistency.


The hand-picked stocks are resistant to market volatility and offer you security. Our aim is to protect your investments from unnecessary risk without neglecting the potential for growth.


With 50 carefully selected securities, we offer a high level of diversification in order to spread the risk further. This broad diversification ensures that our portfolio is not subject to excessive fluctuations.

What they say our customers


5 Sterne Bewertung Trustpilot Estably

Great performance+ super Service

I had Estably on my radar for a while (from the real money tests) and wanted to wait a little longer, but perhaps I should have invested a little earlier because the performance is simply great!

And as has already been written here, the service is really great, the advisors take enough time for you.

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Tamara B.

5 Sterne Bewertung Trustpilot Estably

Friendly customer service

I feel that I am in good hands with Estaby, the search for a partner to manage my assets has required a lot of comparative work. The personal contact was always friendly and appreciative, which is something you don’t find everywhere. I am satisfied.

Please keep up the good work!

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5 Sterne Bewertung Trustpilot Estably

Absolutely recommendable!

Everything is explained very clearly on the website, and I spoke to an advisor briefly before finalising the contract just to make sure I understood everything correctly.

Great combination of digital and “personal”. Absolutely recommendable!

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Who is behind the Blue Chip Portfolio?

Markus Prodinger, Estably

Markus Prodinger, Managing Director & Partner

Markus Prodinger, 

Managing Director & Partner

Markus Prodinger studied Applied Economics at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau and at San Diego State University. His areas of specialization include portfolio management, portfolio analyses and support for high-end private clients.

Andreas Wagner, Estably

Andreas Wagner,Managing Director & Partner

Andreas Wagner, 

Managing Director & Partner

Andreas Wagner’s qualifications include a degree in business administration (MBA) and training as a financial planner. He can look back on over 20 years of experience in asset management and international private banking.

Estably Asset Management AG

The multi-award-winning digital asset manager Estably has been enabling investors from all over Europe to invest money digitally in an uncomplicated way since 2020. Estably’s expertise lies in single-stock-based value investing in order to achieve above-average long-term growth in its customers’ assets.

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Estably Asset Management AG

Schaanerstrasse 29, 9490 Vaduz

Tel. +423 220 29 70

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