• Equities 30%
  • Bonds 60%
  • Cash 10%

Value 30 Portfolio:

You are looking for regular income from ongoing interest and dividend payments, and it is important to you to preserve your assets. You have little tolerance for risk and are willing to accept only minor asset fluctuations. The portfolio focuses on fixed-income securities, with equities accounting for a maximum of 30%. We select the bonds and equities with extreme care. We are very patient when it comes to selecting the investing style and search for exceptional companies. Our efforts center around companies with superior business models in attractive, future-oriented sectors. These companies are profitable in the long run as a result of competitive advantages and have demonstrated their profitability in the past. Since outstanding managers are able to generate enormous added value, we consider the companies' management to be one of the crucial factors for their success.

Profit from our low costs

% p.a.

plus a performance participation of 10%

The all-in fee includes the fees for asset management as well as those of the bank. The all-in fee is charged monthly on the assets under management. The 10% performance fee is charged on 31.12. of each year.
If a year is negative, you will benefit from the HWM. This means that in the following year the loss must first be recouped before a performance participation can be used.

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Herr Wagner

Andreas Wagner

  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Financial Planner

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