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What type of investor are you?

Do you accept short-term fluctuations to make your portfolio grow faster and bigger, or do you prefer a slower but steady growth of your assets? We offer the right strategy for every type of investor. The decisive factor is the equity ratio: more equities mean more potential return, but also increased fluctuations on the long-term appreciation of the portfolio.

Can’t make up your mind?

During the registration process, we will suggest the optimal strategy based on your information!


Value 40
Up to 40% Handpicked equities


Value 60
Up to 60% Handpicked equities


Value 80
Up to 80% Handpicked equities


Value 100
Up to 100% Handpicked equities

Artificial intelligence in asset management

Every day, various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) make our lives easier – be it during a conversation with Alexa, in the form of self-driving cars and parking aids in traffic, or during a visit to the doctor, where our data is compared with millions of others in order to obtain an early diagnosis. The financial industry has also been experimenting with AI and algorithms for some time now

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