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For many experts, Liechtenstein is the most sought-after financial centre in Europe, even ahead of Switzerland. Find out how you can benefit from the unique conditions.

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Investment in Liechtenstein -
the most attractive location in Europe

Many investors first think of Switzerland when they are looking for a “safe haven” for their investment. What few people know: The dwarf state of Liechtenstein offers just as many advantages for investors and even has a decisive advantage over Switzerland.

Like Switzerland, the Principality is neither a member of the EU nor has it signed the ESM Treaty (European Stability Mechanism) – but unlike Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a member of the EEA.

This allows Liechtenstein to benefit from the advantages of the EU and the EEA without having to bear the liability disadvantages of the ESM.

Exclusive advantages of the financial location

Liechtenstein Karte

Quality and innovation

Whether fiduciaries, asset managers, insurers, FinTechs, or blockchain companies – numerous industries appreciate the professionalism in the Liechtenstein financial centre.

Short and flexible decision-making channels enable a high degree of innovation. Thanks to easy access to specialists from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, the highest quality standards exist in the Principality.

Great emphasis on sustainability

The country attaches great importance to sustainable action, which manifests itself in the form of unique sustainable projects. In 2012, Liechtenstein was named the world’s first “energy country” for its sustainable energy policy. Liechtenstein also has the highest capacity of photovoltaics per capita and is thus the “solar world champion”.

Incidentally, Liechtenstein is the only country to offer access to clean drinking water to as many people in developing countries as it has inhabitants (“Waterfootprint”).

Schloss in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Facts about the Principality of Liechtenstein

  • Population: 38,747
    Area: 160km²
    Capital: Vaduz
    Form of government: constitutional hereditary monarchy
    Head of state: Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein
    Currency: Swiss franc

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Your digital access to the Liechtenstein financial centre

Traditional asset management can look back on decades of tradition in Liechtenstein. However, it was previously reserved exclusively for wealthy major clients (from €500,000) to benefit from the expertise and advantages of the financial centre.

Estably makes the advantages of traditional asset management accessible to smaller investors – and at significantly lower costs.

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Our investment approach offers you the chance of above-average performance in the long term.

We rely on a modern variant of the proven value investing strategy.

You can hold your securities account with Liechtensteinische Landesbank from a minimum investment amount of €50,000.

You can open a custody account via smartphone or PC and keep an eye on your investments digitally at all times.

Investment decisions are made by experts, not algorithms.

Choose a suitable portfolio from 4 strategies with 5 risk preferences each.

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Modern value investing for long-term outperformance

In order to increase your assets in the best possible way over the long term, we rely on a modern form of the proven value investing strategy. In doing so, we keep an eye out for outstanding companies that are trading below their value on the stock market.

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Your custody account in the best hands

We manage your custody account with the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, the most traditional financial institution in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Thanks to its high level of equity capital, the LLB Group enjoys a high degree of financial stability and security.

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Everything about investing in Liechtenstein

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You are also welcome to contact us in writing.


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