What our customers say

"The personal touch, the ongoing updates on current investments and the open and direct communication speak for themselves."

The joy of contact with people and the passion for high-quality services led Florian Pfab into the recruitment industry at an early stage. After six years as branch manager of an internationally active recruitment agency in Dubai and further years as a senior consultant, he has been Managing Partner and partner of BGP Executive & Specialist Recruiting with offices in Vaduz and St. Gallen since 2021.

In a short interview, Mr. Pfab reveals what his investment used to look like and what convinces him about Estably.
When you think back to the time before Estably – what did your financial investment look like? What made you look for new opportunities?

Until just before the pandemic, I had no financial investment in that sense. It was the crisis in the stock market triggered by COVID that made me start investing money myself in the first place. Even though I was partly very successful, I also made typical and sometimes serious mistakes. This led to losses, sometimes even total losses. After two years, I sold everything at a very good profit (despite these mistakes), because I no longer wanted to take care of my investments myself. But I still wanted to continue investing in the stock market. That’s how I came to Estably.

The range of Robo-advisors and digital asset managers in the German-speaking market is now large. What was the deciding factor in the end that made you choose Estably?

Even though Robo-advisors are very digital and partly impersonal, I felt in good hands with Estably right from the start. The contacts before signing the contract were always professional, I always had someone on the phone immediately and didn’t wait for minutes in a phone loop. All questions were answered in detail.

Even though I invested very successfully in some cases, I also made typical and sometimes serious mistakes. This led to losses, sometimes even total losses. (...) I no longer wanted to take care of my investment myself.

Did you have any doubts before the asset management deal?

Any doubts were discussed and resolved beforehand. Estably’s performance speaks for itself, and the stocks have been carefully selected. But one thing must be clear to everyone: investing in the stock market is not something for a few months. The time horizon should be more than 5 years if you want to invest seriously and grow.
Would you recommend Estably to others? If yes, why?

Yes, and with a clear conscience. The personal touch in a very digitalized business model, the continuous updates on current investments, and the open and direct communication speak for themselves.
As a human resources expert, do you have a final tip for all of us who may be in the situation of having to recruit staff?

There is rarely a 100% perfect match. Rely on your gut feeling. In the end, it is important to find the right mix of qualifications, experience and personality.
Do you have any questions about Estably? We would be happy to answer them in a non-binding conversation!